Event Horizon — is a fulldome real-time environment
that is able to visualize and simulate all known Universe
according to a accurate up to date scientific data.
Event Horizon based on a latest Unreal Engine Technology™
and provides a 4K high resolution stunning graphics,
that with a beautiful soundtrack gives revolutionary
user experience with fulldome realtime application.
Event Horizon controls based on native to use Apple iPad touch interface,
that allows easiest in industry way of software control and almost
every teacher or presenter in your stuff can handle it.

Event Horizon will show you a new level of interaction between
the presenter and audience!
TYCHO and HIP star databases
(more than 1 000 000 stars
in 3D space);
Exoplanet database;
NGC2000 object database
including nebulae and
star clusters;
Pulsar and brown dwarf
stars database;
Asteroid and Kuiper Belt
data including more that
500 000 objects;
Comet database with more
than 200 know comets;
Galaxies database with over
2 000 000 galaxies and quasars
that make up entire Universe structure
and all artificial objects and satellites
Google Maps
Reality is far
beyond your
Event Horizon
For our own planet —
Earth, Event Horizon
provides a multiple
layers of info graphics,
and integration
with Google Maps™
to have a close view
at every part of our